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Summer school 2011

At the end of July DH and I attended a theatre summer school, organised by Luxembourg’s NWTC, in the village of Clairefontaine on the border of Belgium and Luxembourg. I chose to sing my way through the week and he chose to do comedy in various forms. The week was hectic as we worked from 9 in the morning until gone 9 at night with tea, coffee, lunch and dinner breaks.

Now that I have access to my art supplies I have just finished creating some pieces inspired by the course.

The first is a mixed media painting of pomegranates to accompany a poem we heard entitled “how to cut a pomegranate” by Imtiaz Dharker from her collection of poems “A terrorist at my table”. I love pomegranates and the poem just cried out to be illustrated.


this is the painting on its own


with the text added

In one of the other classes we were each handed a haiku to work on and I created a digital picture for this.


Summer school is a wonderful experience where you are bombarded with new sounds, words, ideas and are surrounded by old friends and new. Silence and retreat from the outside world is just about impossible. In our singing groups we were learning complicated stuff – Bohemian rhapsody – for example, as well as taking a look at some new ways of creating “music” from non-traditional scores. At the end of each day I found it difficult to shut off as there were so many things flinging themselves around in my skull. I tried to explain what was going on by referencing the Hadron collider/accelerator (a high speed particle accelerator). When I told DH what this collage was all about, he just said “oh dear”. I am left wondering quite what he meant by that …….