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One four challenge: Feb week 4

Goodness, where does time go? I’ve just realised we’re already into March and I haven’t posted the final edit for the February challenge.
So, here’s the final edit and the original:



The flower is from a tree in Thailand. It only flowers at night/early morning and by 9am the flowers have all fallen; such ephemeral beauty.

One Four Challenge

One Four Challenge-February: 2 and 3

I realised I’d limited myself a bit with the choice of photo so here are my next two offerings in the series. The final edit is going to be quite a challenge.

For edit no. 2 I added a photo of raindrops on glass, applied a gradient map and reduced its opacity to 26% resulting in the silky-looking effect on the flower petals

For edit no. 3 I’ve added the ‘vitriol’ filter by Flaming Pear.

You can now see that the original photo was a flower.

One Four Challenge

One Four challenge February: week 1

This is a new challenge for me: take one image and edit it four ways and post one edit per week. It’s up to you whether you share the original image or not.
First contribution – a kaleidoscopic image


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