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Photo Art Friday: collage

sometimes, if you’re feeling particularly brain-dead, it’s fun to let an online photo editor do all the work for you. This collage of lotus flowers was produced at using my own photos


but if you’re up to the challenge, you might like to experiment



PAF February 2014

This month’s optional theme, as suggested by Bonnie, is GEOMETRIC/GRAPHIC/ANGULAR.


this is the original

it’s part of the fan vaulted ceiling of the beautiful cathedral of Wells, in the UK


a word a week photo challenge: context

A little harder this week. They say a picture paints a thousand words. What story does your photograph tell?

the ice man cometh (in Cambodia)

for delivery: one camel

camel wrestling – New Year festivities in Turkey

taking the camels for a walk

Skinnywench’s challenge was a tricky one!

Photo Art Friday Jan 3-5, 2014

For this first challenge of 2014 Bonnie, from Photo Art Friday, offered us two optional choices for sharing:

* A piece of photo art that contains a word you have chosen to guide you through 2014.

* A piece of photo art from 2013 that is one of your favorites (or a collage of favs).

I haven’t chosen a word for this year as I’m still mulling it over so I’ve chosen to share a digital journal page from our trip to India at the beginning of last year


What did you choose to illustrate this challenge?


Photo Art Friday: open

Bonnie’s optional challenge for this month is OPEN, which can also be interpreted as opening or opened.

The Taj Mahal viewed through the opening in the nearby mosque

a hibiscus flower opening, textured with Bonnie’s Life Unfolding texture.

Visit the Pixel Dust Photo studio to see how other photographers have interpreted this theme.

Pixel Dust Photo Art

Photo Art Friday: embrace

Photo Art Friday is an opportunity to share our digital artwork. Although we are free to share whatever we like, Bonnie offers us the additional challenge of an optional theme. This month it’s “embrace”.


I’ve used Bonnie’s “simply the best” texture and Kim Klassen’s “embrace” texture

How would you illustrate “embrace” – it’s not an easy concept. Visit here to see how others interpreted “embrace”.


Photo Art Friday: sky


Texturised with Bonnie’s “Inspiration”.

The text (roughly translated) means:

I would love to set off
with only the moon as my hat
sky journey

Sharing with Photo Art Friday.

Photo Art Friday: water

For September’s Photo Art Friday Bonnie suggested we create a piece of photo art featuring water.

This is my piece, made up of 3 photos


I wanted the bowl to look as if it was full to brimming with these colourful koi carp playing with silver balls.

In fact overflowing water is heavy on my mind as I write this. We returned home late last night to the sound of rushing water. The stop cock in the reserve water tank appears to have malfunctioned allowing the tank to fill and then overflow – everywhere. The entire basement floor of our house was under water – carpets, boxes of books, part of my postage stamp collection, all my craft magazines, my husband’s laptop, boxes of shoes, tools, pictures ……. heartbreaking. It took me all morning to remove everything outside so that I could start mopping up operations. Fortunately it’s hot and breezy today so much of it will dry out but lots of the stuff is ruined. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here about de-cluttering …..

Photo Art Friday 2 August 2013

Photo Art Friday now takes place on the first Friday of every month. This month we were given the option of sharing a piece of flower art using at least one of Bonnie’s textures. I’ve used different filters on this image and have added Bonnie’s texture Soft Reflections to it as well as experimenting with the blending modes which has resulted in:




I added a poster edges filter to the above photo

and blended it with Bonnie’s quartz texture. I love the effect this produced, it looks like a transfer

Photo Art Friday: light/shadows

This week Bonnie challenged us to work with the optional theme of ‘light/shadows’.


I loved the way the light back-lit these hollyhock flowers so I have given them minimal treatment by adding Bonnie’s texture ‘dream wonder’ which I blended with linear light and reduced the opacity

Photo Art Friday