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weekly photo challenge: reflections

Guest blogger Ben chose the theme of reflections this week: It could be a person who helps you see things clearly, a place you go to collect your thoughts, or an object that reminds you of your achievements. You could also go for something more literal, like a reflection in water.”

A literal interpretation of the theme: reflections in a pool in the gardens of the Chateau de Pizay in southern France


part of the interior of Wells cathedral, UK

and Glastonbury abbey, UK, both beautiful places for reflection


Weekly photo challenge: reflections

Reflections. This challenge is about using reflections in the composition of a shot.






This is a series of “accidental” reflections. The first four were taken in Amsterdam a couple of winters ago and I was more intent on photographing the contents of the florist’s shop window. It was only when I downloaded the photos from the camera that I saw what the camera had seen but I had not. This is also true of the last photo.

Have you taken time to reflect on some of the reflections featured at the Daily Post?

I am also sharing this post with SOOC Sunday.