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the river in Canterbury. I can imagine Ophelia drifting in the weeds here …

the prehistoric bridge known as Tarr Steps, north Devon, UK

the river Sorgue has its source at the Fontaine de Vaucluse in Provence

it then flows through the picturesque town of Isle sur la Sorgue on its way to the sea

As a child this was one of my favourite poems:

The Brook, by Alfred Lord Tennyson

I come from haunts of coot and hern,
I make a sudden sally,
And sparkle out among the fern,
To bicker down a valley.

By thirty hills I hurry down,
Or slip between the ridges,
By twenty thorps, a little town,
And half a hundred bridges….

Read the rest here

a river of poppies in a cornfield in Provence

If you were a river where would you like to rise and flow down to?

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