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travel theme: names

What’s in a name?


in Sandwich, Kent


“aperitif square” – what a wonderful name for a place where you can enjoy an aperitif and more


The mayor of this village in France wondered for a long time why so many people wanted to be photographed next to the sign bearing the name of his village. Once someone told him, he decided to capitalise on it and established a museum dedicated to condoms. People from all over the world have contributed all shapes and sizes ….


Ronnie’s shop on Route 62 in South Africa was renamed Ronnie’s sex shop after a drunken evening when some of his mates decided to change the name of his café to attract more customers


Surprisingly you can get some OK snacks at this café despite its somewhat unappealing name

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weekly photo challenge: Joy

A couple of photos on the theme of ‘joy’:

20130821_6416-Joy-Hill-brick-wall copy
Bristol, UK

20130902_6792-Luxembourg-Schouberfouer copy
Schuberfouer, Luxembourg

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