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travel theme: enlightened

Luang Prabang, Laos

whirling dervish, N. Cyprus

enlightened by sunrise in Yala park, Sri Lanka

enlightened in Austria’s Losium

A Vietnamese poem hat – you can only see the figures when the hat is held up to a light source

Hoi An lantern festival, Vietnam

young lantern sellers in Hoi An

awaiting the enlightenment of Angkor Wat at dawn

sunset at Bagan, Myanmar

Shwedagon pagoda at night, Myanmar

Did you illustrate Enlightened?

Reblog: I am a View Keeper

This is the first time I’ve re-blogged a post from another blogger but this one really spoke to me. For some months I’ve been receiving inspirational photos and quotes from Dewitt Jones at Celebrate what’s right. His latest post about being a View Keeper really spoke to me.

He starts off:

“In the dark — the incredible stillness of morning. Long before the birds, a time when, if you listen hard enough, you can almost hear the twinkling of stars. Long before color, long before texture or composition, your camera useless, your eyes at the limit of their perception . Yet still… the beauty.

Here on Molokai I’ve taken a new job — View Keeper. Yes, that’s right View keeper. Not innkeeper, not beekeeper but View Keeper. Thoreau once said, “For many years I was the self appointed inspector of snowstorms and rainstorms and I did my duty faithfully.” He would understand my new job.

In this world of materialism and consumerism the glories that nature provides are free for all to enjoy. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “the sky is the daily bread of the eyes” and to someone who lives where there is little natural beauty, the sight of an ever-changing sky must be a blessing indeed. It is easy to see why prisoners deprived of a window suffer so much.”

I too am blessed with a wonderful view, although it is only mine to view-keep for a few months longer when a new vista in a new country will spread itself before my eyes. Here the skies and the sea offer a constantly changing palette to delight the eye.









I have been blessed indeed.

one word photo challenge: silver

Metallic colours are not usually used to describe the sky, apart perhaps from a leaden sky. However, silver could well be used to describe this sunrise and sunset in Turkey

stormy sunrise in Alanya

silvery sunset in Yalikavak

silver leaf monkey in Kuala Lumpur

Thai silver neck ornament

silver coloured votive offerings, the white temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand

sharing with Jennifer Nichol’s silver challenge


Sunday stills: sunrises-sunsets

sunset on a camel safari out of Jaisalmer, India

winter sunset in the UK

sunrise in Cappadocia

Sunday Stills

travel theme: sky

Ailsa challenged us to share some sky photos this week. I love taking photos of the sky in its various guises/disguises so this is just up my street.

sunrise photographed from an aeroplane

stormy sky over Alanya, Turkey

hot air balloons take to the skies in Cappadocia, Turkey



pure blue sky reflected in Koycegiz lake

one of my textured photos

sunset in Thailand

wintry sky with vapour trails

my all time favourites, a winter sunset in Luxembourg





travel theme: multicoloured

Ailsa’s theme this week is multicoloured. I think colour is the greatest gift in this world and it’s to be found wherever you look. What’s more it’s free!

food on a Bangkok night market stall

anyone for a hat?

seafood on sale in Nathon


fabric wall hanging in the villa







03-61 roadside shrine
roadside shrine

03-31 florist shop

Cee’s fun foto challenge: anything that lights

to light your way …..


lamp post at the Schloss Drachenberg in Germany

Aladdin's cave
Aladdin’s cave

lighting in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey


Cee’s fun foto challenge

last few days of December in Turkey

We have been having an extremely wet winter here with the result that it looks more like Spring at the moment as there is so much new growth and so much green everywhere.  Earlier this week I took these photos of a ruined building,

a very green field,

some tiny little arum lilies (about 6 inches tall)

and some wild clematis.

The bellshaped 4 petalled flowers are a pale creamy green and the flowers are just beginning to fade and the soft seed heads form.

I think the flower head in this next photo will open up into a tall spike of white flowers in a couple of days time

With good weather forecast for today my Turkish friend invited me for lunch. It is customary, when visiting someone’s house for the first time, to take a small gift. I bought a red ceramic pomegranate under which you can put a tea light (candle) as a gift for my friend as it was the first time I was visiting her home. It turned out that it was a very appropriate gift for this time of year. Apparently Turks smash a pomegranate on the ground in front of their house at midnight on new year’s eve to ensure prosperity for the coming year. So, after an excellent lunch of vegetable soup, calves liver cooked with onions, currants  and pine kernels served on a bed of rice, and a dessert of sweet pumpkin  eaten on her terrace in the sun, this  afternoon we,  the only two remaining members of our local digital photography club, went for a walk at Gumusluk bay, a bit further around the coast.

We parked the car on the top road and walked down a steep path to the shoreline where we were surprised to find the tide so high that we couldn’t walk along the beach towards the right, where we wanted to go.  One of the local cafés had part of its terrace under water.

We met a girl walking along the top of a wall (the only way to keep one’s feet dry) and she told us she had read in a local newspaper that it was the time of the sea’s gel-git (come and go), except that so far the sea hadn’t gone! We walked through some marshy ground and a couple fishing on the beach helped us over the barbed wire fence so that we could get on the beach. The man told us that there were ruins of an old village just over the headland. This was the area below the Limon café that I had been wanting to explore for ages. We walked over heathland with lots of feathery fennel sprouting for the second time this year.

The dried fennel stalks made wonderful sculputural silhouettes against some beautiful cloud formations.

a dead thistle head

We were rewarded by a very colourful sunset although we had to make our way back to the car before it got too dark to see where we were going.

It’s amazing what a difference 10 days has made since the shortest day and it now stays light until shortly after 5.