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Texture Tuesday: if only

I’ve used Kim’s If Only texture and reduced the opacity.
This abandoned Christian church is in the village of Yesilkoy in the Karpaz area of Northrn Cyprus. Northern and Southern Cyprus are still a long way away from unification and feelings run deep on both sides. I used this particular texture with the stitching because it’s a way of healing wounds. If only …..


TT get knotted


Did you unravel any interesting textures this week?


Texture Tuesday: plaything

If you can’t find someone to play with, the next best thing is something ….. in Mingun, Myanmar


texturised with Kim’s ‘gift’


Texture Tuesday – free and easy 2014.11.12

a Buddha head on sale in a high class interior decoration store near us. I used Kim’s Simple texture and reduced the opacity.

sharing with Kim and others


Texture Tuesday: black and white edition

textured with Kim’s justatouch2 and blended in darken
photographed in Picton Street, Bristol, UK


Texture Tuesday: cuppa

blended in hue with Kim’s texture ‘granny’s cupboard’

We visited the Mackwoods Labookellie tea museum and plantation in Sri Lanka and learned how the tea is dried and packed after picking. Afterwards we sampled one of their teas accompanied by the best chocolate cake we’d ever tasted and enjoyed looking at the views over the plantation


what’s your favourite cuppa? tea or coffee? do you have a special mug or cup from which to drink it?


Texture Tuesday: free n’ easy


one of two female faces carved on the side doorway to Arlington church, north Devon, UK. Nobody seems to know anything about them. I wonder if the faces are of real or imagined people. Quite often, in church architecture, the stone carvers carved the faces or figures of people they knew or ‘characters’ in their neighbourhood. I think it’s a shame these two girls have faded into obscurity


Texture Tuesday: perfectly imperfect


“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” – Confucius

textured with Kim’s crackerjack, blended in linear burn and opacity reduced.

Find some more perfect imperfections here.


Texture Tuesday: Love

texture is Kim’s ‘cherished scripted’

the poem “the life that I have” was written by Leo Marks for Violet Szabo, a secret agent working for the UK. The poem contained a coded message.


Texture Tuesday – free and easy – 7 Jan 2014

Here is my contribution to this week’s Textured Tuesday

textured with Kim’s ‘abstract’ and blended in pin light

the original

201312060084_Nicosia-sculpture copy

it’s part of the sculpture in the Greek part of Ledra Street, just before the border crossing between the Turkish and Greek parts of the town of Nicosia