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Texture Tuesdays: free and easy edition

Sunflowers are such beautiful flowers and the sight of them always brightens the dreariest day. Last week I was staying close to a field where you can pick your own and made sure I had my camera with me.


I used Kim’s cool grunge texture on this photo and reduced the opacity.


Daily post: texture

The Daily Post set us this challenge: Textures are everywhere: The rough edges of a stone wall. The smooth innocence of a baby’s cheek. The sense of touch brings back memories for us. What texture is particularly evocative to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEXTURE.












all photos were taken in Thailand last year

Cee’s fun foto challenge: textures

Cee’s challenge was textures:

embroidered needle felting

Copy of 201007110225_tree-bark
maple tree bark


Copy of 201007110214_Arles-mosaic

more mosaic

Copy of 201003050062_Ta-Prom-stone-texture
carved stone texture

weathered wooden tiles

travel theme: texture

This week Ailsa challenged us to come up with some photos featuring texture. Here are mine:

fishing nets and a piece of coral

part of a wall, a lichen covered wall, a carved panel featuring a floral design, more wall, writing carved into stone

pink rock, peacock feathers, painted wood, balls of sand thrown up on the beach by digging crabs

Dont’t forget to visit Ailsa’s site to see what textures other people have photographed

TT-free and easy-conversation between trees

Kim’s challenge for 15 May is another free and easy edition – any theme, any texture. I was in the UK recently and photographed these trees on the top of Exmoor. I like to think that they were engaged in a lively conversation and that the one on the right is gesticulating wildly



I’ve used Kim’s wonderful magic scripted texture at 100%

I can’t decide which version I like best – framed or unframed. Any views?

digital experiments

I have been experimenting with putting textured overlays on some of my photos. These are my very first attempts:

wild fennel sky01-Jills moon fabric texture overlay copy

This one of a fennel plant silhouetted against the sky uses one of Jill’s photos of a piece of her fabric weaving. I love this photo and have a feeling it’s going to be used lots more times!

Two versions of the same gardenia photo
gardenia-cambodian stone texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a photo of a Cambodian stone frieze

201103120207_gardenia-wooden door texture overlay copy
This one has been overlaid with a wooden door texture

201103120197-yellow hibiscus-sanskrit texture overlay copy

yellow hibiscus with a sanskrit text overlay

201103020087_white-frangipani-nylon fishing line overlay copy

white frangipani with a white nylon fishing line overlay

and last but not least
201103020090_white-frangipani-ceramic jar overlay copy

the ceramic jar was very colourful but I was interested to see what effect the overlay would have

At this stage I haven’t tried to do anything more complicated than overlay a single texture over the top of a photograph. Experiments with changing opacity, etc. may come later but it has taken me ages to do this successfully. I found a very good tutorial at the studioCalico. I would point out that rather than “open” both photos I used the “file>place” function for the photo of the texture. I used PSE8 for this.