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new ATC’s

A few years ago I used to make and exchange ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) but as we started to travel more I had to choose a more portable hobby and began to dabble in digital creations. Yesterday I had the chance to show a couple of friends how to make ATC’s using (at last) some images from my (huge) stash. These are the ones I made.

new ATCs

a lucky cut with the scissors revealed the words “most faithfully” in the bottom one. Sometimes you don’t actually see what you’ve created until it’s finished. It’s the same with photographs – elements hidden at the time of taking the photo are revealed when you can view the picture on a large screen.

After so much time away from the physical act of creating a collage it was a pleasure to riffle through the images and find things that spoke to me. As always it was also a pleasure to revisit some of the images I’ve collected from various magazines over the years.

Comments on: "new ATC’s" (2)

  1. love the chameleon tryinhg to paint my bearded dragon:))

  2. said:

    Mostly faithfully seems like an oxymoron to me?

    I think it’s most faithfully, not mostly faithful. Words written by Admiral Lord Nelson

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