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lace cap hydrangeas photographed in the sub-tropical gardens at Abbotsbury, UK




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I came across this little monster in a park in Cologne, Germany. Inside the case was a hazel nut but not one I’d ever seen before, used as I am to the smaller, quiet, more discreet version to be found in England woodland. This one had fallen off a very tall tree – a Turkish Hazel tree – which can grow to a height of 25m. At first I thought it was the fruit of an edible (sweet/Spanish) chestnut as the case was similarly spiky. Closer inspection revealed that its case was fleshy, covered with tiny little hairs and sticky.


a cardoon flower head


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Did you know that there are 108 distinguishing marks on the soles of the Buddha’s feet? I certainly didn’t and it took some research to track down what the meanings are. I have to admit that I don’t know if the interpretation varies in other Asian countries. These photos were taken in Myanmar.


Chaukhatgyi paya, Yangon

Shwethalyaung pagoda near Bago

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Travel theme: gleaming

Most of the countries we’ve visited in Asia go in for gilded decoration in a big way:
gleaming gold in Myanmar


the Shwezigon pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar


gold and white gleam in the golden temple in Amritsar, India


and white gleams at the white temple at Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thanks to Ailsa for this ‘gleaming’ challenge

Photos of flowers lend themselves particularly well to being converted to black and white. These are hollyhocks, photographed in the seaside village of Talmont, in the Gironde, France. The village is tiny, blessed with a church that almost has its foundations in the sea and has what must be the most beautiful cemetery I’ve ever come across.



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I’ve been published!

TT-thistleheads copy-bw

At the beginning of June I took part in the 5th annual Exposure competition. Much to my surprise and delight one of my images was chosen to feature in a special exhibition of digital art in the Louvre on 13th July. If you scroll down to my image and then click on it you can then see the other images I submitted.

That photograph has now been included in the book that has been produced to celebrate this year’s competition, my image is on page 27. The book will soon go on sale to the general public and net proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Pencils of Promise.

Until 26 August 2015 the book will be on sale at the disounted price of $53, after which the price will be increased to $78.

You may have heard of the “Pop-Up” phenomenon. Usually it refers to temporary restaurants or temporary shops but it’s increasingly being used for other activities.
Walking along Bristol’s Park Row this summer, my sister and I passed a small building which houses public toilets. The building hasn’t been used for this purpose for some time, although the pervading smell would indicate to the contrary. On the day we walked past we were surprised to discover that a life drawing class was taking place in the gents’ toilet!


Unable to resist a challenge, in we went and sat down for half an hour or so to sketch the seated model. Although my sister has been attending life drawing classes I hadn’t attempted any such thing for more years than I care to remember. However, I did my best and confined myself to drawing the negative space around the model (and no, I’m not sharing my drawing, since you ask).


The Ladies toilets were being used as an exhibition space



As you can see, the original fixtures and fittings are still in place but the invading greenery may take over in the not too distant future. After admiring some of the artwork, we left a contribution towards the purchase of some supplies to be used in similar endeavours in the future. It was definitely an interesting location for an art class and we applauded the initiative of the two girls who had organised it.


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