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I’ve opted to share some vivid colours for this week’s DP challenge. The most vivid colours I’ve seen in my life were in Rajasthan. There we saw colours that I could never even imagine existed and that I’ve certainly never seen in our cooler European climes.

Jodhpur market

mountains of watercolour paint for sale in Pushkar. Oh how I wish I’d bought some of these

vegetable vendors in Pushkar

colourful embroideries on sale in Pushkar

a camel cart in Pushkar

the peacock room

the golden room

Both of these rooms were in the painted haveli hotel we stayed in, in Mandawa. Unfortunately our humble room was nothing like as resplendent as these two!

Comments on: "DP-photo-challenge: vivid" (8)

  1. I love all the color! Oh and those paints – don’t you hate when you pass something like this up? But we can only squeeze so much into that suitcase!

  2. I agree, Rajasthan is a party for the senses!

  3. I love love love that peacock room!!

  4. Such vibrant colours. I remember seeing the same vivid colours in Peru. The dyes they use are very potent. 🙂

  5. Fabulous pictures. I would have bought the entire market. What wonderful colors

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