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travel theme: spice

One of the great things about living or working abroad is that you get to visit food markets where you can buy a variety of spices, although I tend not to buy my spices if they are sold loose in a heavily built-up area or where there is a lot of dust or flies ….


spices on sale in the Clock Tower spice shop, Jodhpur, India



spices in Yalikavak market, Turkey


20131018_8374-spice-patterns copy


20131018_8375-spice-patterns copy

patterns made from various spices in Side, Turkey


spiced gingerbread


edible spices on display in a pharmacy window in Strasbourg at Christmas

Did you take up Ailsa’s challenge to share some spicy photos?

Comments on: "travel theme: spice" (6)

  1. I love the Turkish patterns Carol, Seasons Greeting to you!

  2. I love the spices when they have them displayed like this. I am like you… a little afraid to buy the ones that sit out. I have seen a few “critters” crawl across them : )

  3. Great photos! Very enticing colors and patterns. They remind me of wonderful spice markets I’ve visited.

  4. These pictures remind me of Istanbul’s Bazar (marketplace), spices are in abundance, the colors, the heavy aroma, it’s a warm and joyful experience to see pictures that bring back memories. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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