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DP photo challenge: time

Fleeting time, passage of time, I’ve no time, quality time, quiet time, thinking time, me time, time out, slow time, quick time, tempus fugit – have you ever stopped to think how often expressions of time appear in our thoughts, feelings or spoken words?


the mediaeval clock in Wells cathedral, is an astronomical clock

Wimborne Minster also has an astronomical clock
Vienna has a famous clock too – the Hoher Markt Clock (Ankeruhr). A large gilded clock also known as the dancing clock, in Jugendstil style (the local version of Art Nouveau). The clock spans a small alley, the Bauernmarkt. It was commissioned by the insurance company Der Anker – hence its name – and was constructed in 1917 after a design by Franz Matsch. When the clock strikes 12 all the figures dance across the clock face

clock outside a barber’s shop in Clifton, Bristol

read the text from top to bottom and then again from bottom to top – carved in a pavement in Blandford Forum, UK

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  1. I love the pavement Carol!

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  3. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Happy blogging.

  4. adele baudey said:

    It was thought provoking as well as having beautiful images.

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