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WordPress editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands recently shared a post entitled “Doors are stories” and invited artists, photographers, fiction and non-fiction writers to share their take on doors.

I’ve always been fascinated by doors and windows and wondered what lies behind.


not so much into the lion’s den but in through the lion’s mouth (entrance to an Indian temple)

entrance to the Durgiana temple, also known as the Silver temple, in Amritsar, India

view through a doorway in the Golden temple, Amritsar

a doorway in the old village of Khajuraho, India


a door with a fairy tale to tell (Luxembourg-Grund)

main entrance to the Katasteramt (cadastre/land registry office), Trier, Germany

a door within a door, Trier, Germany

Comments on: "Discover challenge: doors" (5)

  1. You’ve found some real beauties Carol and of course my favourites are the ones in India

  2. I’m fascinated with the doors of India as well. Great post

  3. I love the door within a door. Very unique.

  4. my favourites are the Indian ones too

  5. Some great doors. Really like your blog. I’m taken with doors…

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