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DP photo challenge: frames

If you open your eyes you’ll see frames wherever you look, some natural, some man-made. I often seek out frames to use in my photography, they can provide a glimpse into another world.

a doorframe in Turkey with a quote by Rumi

IMG_7947-old-city-gate copy
the roman archway frames a view into a modern part of Tarsus, Turkey

IMG_7899-Kirkkasik-historical-bazaar copy
the covered market in Tarsus

lanterns frame a view of Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Esrefoglu mosque, Turkey

the abandoned village of Kaya, Turkey



Comments on: "DP photo challenge: frames" (5)

  1. humanity777 said:

    Thanks for sharing – love it

  2. I love your culture rich framed shots –
    the last one is my fav for mood – but each really nailed the wpc and shows your travel diversity

  3. Thanks for taking me back to Cappadocia Carol! I love the shot of Kaya and the door with the Rumi quote hanging is fab 🙂

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